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Sun, 30 May 1999 11:44:12 -0700
From: Dale Beuning <>
Sun, 30 May 1999 11:44:11 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: german Auto Bild article on E46 M3
To: (David Foster), (Daniel Grambihler),
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 11:44:11 -0700 (PDT)
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> ( $1=1.8753DM.
> Strong achievement.
> We ask patience yet for something. The new BMW M3 is coming the first of
> next year. Then however powerfully..
> It is a question of marketing: successors must offer more - of everything.
> They must be larger, stronger, better. How otherwise should the customer
> be convinced to buy a new auto?
> This problematic nature can yet quite simply be solved in
> bread-and-butter-autos, the developers stand in a thoroughbred as well as
> the BMW M3 before powerful problems. If in the late summer 2000 the new M3
> comes on the market, a heavy piece of work lies behind the M-Team around
> development boss Gerd Richter.
> At the same time the car body is yet the littlest problem. The M3 uses the
> new Dreier Coupe and profits from the grown dimensions, that better
> cW-value and the size-ren Verwindungssteifigkeit. A front spoiler with
> powerful air entrance, a rear diffuser a-la M5 with four exhaust tips as
> well as three centimeter measuring fender widening for the reception the
> 18-zoll-walzen 18-zoll-walzen customs 18-zoll-walzen rolls (ahead 8J with
> 235/40-Reifen, behind 9J with [sbrk] 275/35) the visible differences to the
> Coupe are. Also the sport-load work of the achievement corresponding to
> weiterzuentwickeln was a soluble task: around ten percent tighter
> suspension, changed stabilizers ahead and behind as well as the storage of
> all Lenker in metal instead of like previously in rubber provided for a yet
> more precise [sbrk] Lenk- and curve behavior, to be sure in connection with
> the thick wheels also for a noticeably reduced abrollkomfort. The M3
> receives standard that Traction control ASC + T, supplemented with the
> dynamic stability Control DSC (in to fast curve trip becomes through aimed
> brake intervention the auto again stabilizes). Both systems are - as in
> BMW usual - defeatable: for trips to the race track for example, where it
> the desired Drift through the curve ver-hindern..
> The engraving problem of the M3-development was the motor. Six cylinders
> large the 3,2-Liter is with 321 HP ausgereizt. And to be sure so very that
> many motors reach the nominal horsepower only with effort. A conventional
> horsepower increase is not possible. Yet the M3 needs more horsepower.
> First out of the above-mentioned reasons, secondly because the auto became
> larger, heavier, third therewith the interval to the bear strong M5 (400
> HP) too large does not become. In its need, the M-developers considered to
> put a V8 new totally on Kiel, the little brother of the M5. the planned
> basic data: four liter Hubraum, 350 HP with the option on more. When the
> costs were calculated, the V8 disappeared yet more quickly again in the
> sinking when a M3 accelerates: Rund 150000 marks the =DCber-M3 would have to
> cost, 10000 marks more than a M5.
> Worldwide paragraph, appreciated: ca. 20 autos per year. Result: a new M3
> with the old motor - or quite no. With horrendem expense, the six cylinder
> was enlarged: through tightly over four millimeters more boring it, the
> Hubraum succeeded on round 3,4 liter displacement. Impeded the urgently
> necessary growth became through the technology: the motor is a langhuber.
> A Bohrung of 86,4 mm stands a had of 91 mm vis-a-vis. In an extension of
> the Hubes, the simplest type of the Hubraumerweiterung, the piston speeds
> would become too high. The H=F6chstdrehzahl would have to be reduced sinks =
> - -
> the achievement. Therefore aufbohren. Regulation of electronic in
> addition the single throttle flaps (E-gas or, in the BMW-jargon: EDR),
> variable Camshafts control at entrance and outlet camshaft (double-Vanos),
> in addition the entire catalogue of modern motors technology: specialties
> more crooked, reduced exhaust fume area jerk through zweiflutige [sbrk]
> Exhaust concern, dual Doppelendrohr, digital motor electronics, electronic
> motor control. The result complies measured, with the expense, in the
> =FCberschaubaren frame: tightly 20 HP more, round [sbrk] 340 altogether,
> performs the six cylinder. More technically simply drin. is not. The load
> achievements lie on height of the M5: acceleration of 0-100 km/h in good
> five seconds, the top speed remains on 250 km/h limited.
> Standard the M3 receives a six gear transmission, selectively also with
> sequential shifting transmission (SMG). If the M3 in the late summer 2000
> ausgeliefert becomes, the price should lie "a hair under 100000 marks" -
> therefore approximately 99999 marks. For whoever doesn't want to wait so
> long: the old M3 Cabrio is still being constructed. The price: 100000
> marks.
> Harald Prssmann

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