E46 front door panel remove instructions

Unclip wooden finisher (1) with special tool 00 9 321.

If necessary, replace faulty clips (1) in wooden finisher (2).

Driver's side: Using two screwdrivers, lever out mirror switch (2) towards top of control knob (1).

Disconnect plug connection (1) and remove mirror switch (2).

Passenger side: Using a small screwdriver, carefully lever out trim (1) at points (2).

Remove screws (1 and 2). Remove inserts (3) and release underlying screws. When reinstalling, screw (1) is longer than the others.

Unclip clips (1) in door trim panel with special tool 00 9 317 (trim panel wedge).

Carefully unclip door trim panel (1) at top with special tool 00 9 317 (trim panel wedge). Feed door trim panel (1) out of unlocking knob (2).

Unhook cable for unlocking lever: Tighten unlocking lever (1); lift out lock (2); remove cable (3) towards rear/top. To reinstall, press unlocking lever (1) fully against door trim panel.

Version with additional speaker: if necessary, disconnect plug connection (1) on additional speaker (2).

Feed out wires (1) from opening (2). Disconnect plug connections (3) and (4) and remove door trim panel.

Installation: Clips (1) are longer than the remaining clips. If necessary, replace damaged clips.
After assembling the door trim panel proceed as follows:
    Open door window
    Lock with vehicle key
    Check for ease-of-movement on retaining button linkage
    If necessary, align linkages


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