From digest.v7.n246 Tue Sep 23 19:41:56 1997
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 14:04:17 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: <Z3> BMW NA Letter on Radio Upgrade

In yesterday's mail I received a letter from an H. Duenzl, Vice President Aftersales and Engineering of BMW NA. Enclosed with the letter was a 12 page brochure of new Z3 parts and accessories. Although there was no mention of it in the brochure Mr. Duenzl's letter indicated that there was now available an "upgrade" package for the radio which included two midrange speakers and an "exchange" amplifier. All of this is "only available through your authorized BMW retailer" and has a "Suggested Retail Price of $150.00, plus approximately 2 hours of installation labor".

Since I am unhappy with the original equipment radio as I believe all other pre May 97 production Z3 owners are, this radio "upgrade" package is of great interest to me. However, I have several questions:

First, does this upgrade in fact give us the same radio setup that was a running change starting with May 97 production? If so, why should we have to pay approximately $250 for a running change that other 97 owners got as a part of the factory installed radio system. Why not give us this for free, or atleast at a highly reduced price?

Second, how does this radio compare with the parts kit that was made available several months ago. Does the parts kit previously released (MSRP of $337.30 plus 3 or 4 hours labor) provide the same setup as this new upgrade but with the addition of the sub-woofer that was made an option back in Jan, 97 and then subsequently was made a part of the H-K upgrade which had an MSRP of $675.00.

Suffice it to say that I am getting very confused by all of this. Could someone with more information shed some light on this whole situation. Thanks in advance and would you please post your response to the digest so that all Z3 owners on the digest could benefit. BTW, are there any Z3 owners other than myself that are still on the BMW Digest? If so, please let us hear from you.

Take Care!

Fred Meloan
1989 E34 525iA
1997 E36/7 Z3 1.9
1997 E39 540iA
Potomac, Maryland

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