From digest.v7.n957 Fri Jan 16 07:51:42 1998
From: "Jason H. Leung" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 01:37:14 -0600
Subject: Alternator fixed on my e36.

Thanks to all who helped me out with my current drain. As Jim Conforti privately guessed, it was the alternator. 5 amp draw. Ouch. Had to pull out the supercharger to get the to alternator.

*Interesting tidbit*

There have been three alternators on 6cyl E36s. >From largest to smallest, 120 amp, 105 amp, and 80 amp.
Early 6cyl e36s came with the 120 amp (mine did.) Middle ones came with the 105 amp, and even later ones (M3s) came with the 80 amp. (Facts relayed to me by ERT.)

I had to have my 120 amp replaced by the 80 amp in winter 96 for clear the sc bracket. I had to have the 10/94 production 80 amp replaced yesterday by a new 80 amp.

And there is too much snow on the ground for me to get any impressions on my new balljoints/guibo/springs/ swaybars/konis/control arm burshings, but I'll let you guys know.

The rear Konis, BTW, were a pain in the ass to adjust, until I got wise and used a vice to compress it while turning the shock body.


HER: Whatever are you trying to do? What's wrong with

you? You nut!

ME:     I'mmmm ....grunt....trying to keep.....arrrggghhh.
        ....these shocks compressed........grunt.....
        with my hands.......eeerrrrgghhh....while I
        twist ...unnngghhh....the shock body!

HER: Okay. You have fun with your shocks now!

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