From Sun Jun 2 11:14:49 2002
From: "Marne Jurgemeyer" <>
To: <>
Subject: '<e30> survey entry'
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 12:17:11 -0600

I purchased my 1984 318i last December [01]. It showed 137K on the speedo which did not work. The speedo was hereplaced. It ran well but cosmetically was in poor condition. Had it painted and replace the hood and left front fender.

I have replaced:

clutch master cylinder, Bentley's book was not accurate in describing how to replace it. Took about 3 hrs much of it under the car. =

Idle Control unit, (rebuilt) $120 vs $175 for new. The idle was at 1500 rpm and this cured it.This was a unplug and plug process easy but expensive. I also replaced the 2 temperature sensors. Which helped smooth out the idle.

I replaced the plugs with Bosch platinum plugs.

I had a mechanic replace O2 sensor, bad mistake $100. Mileage went into the toilet. Finaly I called BMP had them send me a sensor w/o connector. Connecting the sensor with the connector was not a problem. Installing was a little problem but with a use of mirror it was installed. Torqueing to specs was a problem since it since I lacked a crowsfoot and $20+ since a little excessive. But the mileage has gone upto 33 mpg on the road at speeds up to 80mph.

A/C I decided to have the A/C worked tried to recharge the system with old freon. Should have just converted to R-134. Used the originnal equipement except for a new dryer. Works great but it was expensive repair.

I wanted redo the front seats factory fabric is going for $104 a yard. I have tried to get a close match but nothing is close.

I just purhased a new valance from Bavarian Auto Recycling and I will have it painted and install it myself.

I have purchased several things on EBAY. A used chin spoiler, shifter knob , boot, a spare Jetronic ICU and intake maniford. I let a rebuilt head go for which started at $60 and no one bid on it. Would have been perfect way to use a Shrick Cam or one from BMP or Bavarian Auto.

The car is still has some things to do on it, new exhaust, K&N, maybe lower springs.

Anyone use KYB shocks? would be interested in any comments.

The car is kick to drive although it needs more power but handles quite well. Best handling car I have owned except for the Lotus Europa currently own.


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