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From: "smcastle" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 23:31:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Some help on a M6 question?

Chris Sherry writes:

>>The local import dealer has an M6 on the lot with VIN WBAEE310101050758
number on it.

According to the BMW V.I.N. fiche, this chassis was produced in 10/84 and would be considered an '85 model year M635CSi.

The gray market M635CSi's were the true Bavarian Rockets, with a 286HP engine in a lightweight coupe body. Sporting 10.5:1 compression and fairly radical cam timing, the engines were almost too much for US quality unleaded gasoline. The most critical issues are to make sure that the valve springs have been updated to dual valve springs (from the original single valve springs which had were recalled due to failures, and to determine the condition of the timing chain and tensioners). Have a competent independent BMW shop familiar with the S38 engine check it over before you buy it (i.e., inspect above items and do a leakdown and compression check). If you buy it, be sure and join the M Register (started at the same time the beautiful M635CSi gray market coupes started showing up on our shores . . .guess where you can find more info on M635CS's than anywhere else?) and in the meantime contact to get in contact with a fellow on the list who has already rebuilt one engine and is starting on his second. John Allen will help you get in contact with Paul. If the car checks out, buy it!

Steve C.

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