From digest.v7.n263 Thu Sep 11 22:46:32 1997
From: Bob Ricks <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 23:36:50 -0400
Subject: Value Line ZF Transmission

As promised here's an update on my experience. At 130,000 miles on my 85' 635csi I found myself needing a new 4HP-22 (not an EH) automatic tranny. I read an article in the July 97 Roundel (page 68 has all the details)
about a new program BMWNA and ZF Ind. were introducing. Very simply I figured for my money the best value would be to buy one of these remanufactured
units from the original manufacturer through a dealer. My options boiled down to this 1) Local New York State Dealer List Price $1499.00 plus 7% tax, Total $1603.93 no discounts 2) Local Rebuilder whom which

I dealt with before $1200.00 to $2000.00 3) Out of State Rebuilder a Roundel Advertiser $950.00 w/updates 4) Out of State Dealer a Roundel Advertiser which discounts to BMWCCA members $1499.00 minus 15% discount

& no tax Total $1274.00. BMW p/n 24-00-1-468-384

I ordered the new unit on Wednesday, the dealer places parts orders on

Tuesdays and Fridays, delivery to him 2 days. Ok so Tuesday a.m. I drove down to Lebanon, NJ to pick up the new unit, with the core in the back of my SUV (a 4 hour trip from Syracuse). The remanufactured unit looks like a brand new unit with a completely clean and bright finish. Comes with a new torque converter (didn't record the name brand, but was

stamped made in germany), and all the other features mentioned in the Roundel article. The only thing my mechanic missed taking off the core

was a little white plastic clip at the end of the throttle valve cable and a screw
in adapter for the hydralic fluid line on the bottom of the transmission between
the pan and converter housing (which the dealer parts guy removed for me so
I wouldn't get my fingers dirty) make sure you inspect and compare the units to
insure you get everything, other than that everything looks identical. They
loaded me up and I paid them.

The job is done and is running great. I don't expect any problems from here
on, but i'll advise if any thing of interest comes up. Oh the details on the dealer:
Hunterdon BMW, Lebanon, NJ, 1-800-992-9093, Bill O. took my order which I secured with credit card and Bill Fields also in Parts supplied the great
service I received..

Again let me ask for opinions on using a synthetic oil such as RedLine ATF.
The guys put in regular ATF oil and I wonder if I'm going to run synthetic in the
future should I be breaking in using Synthetic or replacing with it later or not
bothering at all. I read a few posts that told of improved operation. Hope I've answered everyone's emailed questions.

85' 635csi Arctik Blau Metallic w/dark blue interior

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