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Suspension Components

1. Lower Control Arms & Bushings - 3 Series (84-91)

Send us your old control arms with the end bracket/bushing assemblies attached. Package price includes removal of the brackets with the factory tools and press installation of new factory bushings into your old brackets. The bracket/bushing assemblies can easily be installed on the new control arms without any special tools. Installation instructions included.

Note: new brackets are available for $40.00 each with a $10.00 refund (each) upon receipt of your acceptable old bracket(s).

2. Upper Control Arms ("thrust arms") - 5/6/7 Series

Package includes press installation of the bushings into the new thrust arms and all recommended replacement hardware.

Note: the E24/E28 (5/6) series thrust arms normally come with the softer (528e) bushings. Price includes replacement/upgrade to the stiffer units. Subtract $40.00 (from the above $250 price) if you would like the softer bushings.


3. Suspension Specialty Tools


Brake Packages & Tools

1. Front brake pad/rotor replacement. Package includes:

  1. Balo brake rotors (Germany's finest)
  2. Brake pad retainer springs, retainer pins & clips (as required)
  3. Choice of Repco Deluxe (D) pads, Metalmaster (M) pads or Pagid factory (P) pads
  4. Brake rotor retainer screws (grade 10.9)
  5. Brake wear sensors
  6. Wurth Brake & Parts Cleaner (19oz can)


Package Pricing


2. Brake Bleeder Tools:

Brake Reservoir Cap Adapter - anodized aluminum cap with male air fitting. Required for pressurization of the hydraulic system via regulated air supply or canister type pressure bleeders. If your air source is not regulated (i.e., you're using a spare tire or portable air tank as your air supply), you must use one of the regulated adapters below. Fits most ATE reservoirs (BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, VW, Volvo & Saab).

Brake Bleeder Kit - 1 gallon canister with self-contained hand pump, 10 feet of hose with shut off valve, pressure gauge, single pushbutton disconnect, and above reservoir adapter with fitting. Includes 18" hose for bleeder nipple connection. Equivalent to Snap-on's BB100A & YA8925 with improved fittings............$130.00

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