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September 1997 Specials


Stock up on Filters

1. Oil Filters - Mahle brand ("any" 6 or more)

Oil drain plug washer and cannister o-ring (if applicable) are included with each filter. Related tools and accessories below are available with the purchase of any 6 or more oil filters.

2. Air Filters (Mahle Brand - any 3 or more)

Most fresh air intake microfilters are only $19.00 with the purchase of any 3 or more air filters above.

3. Fuel Filters (Mahle brand - any 3 or more)

Price includes two ABA stainless steel fuel hose clamps per filter (not for 320i/323i). Factory BMW (8mm id) fuel hose is available for $6.00/meter with purchase of any 3 or more fuel filters above.


Air Conditioning Specials

Summer has not officially started and I've already had many calls for A/C compressors and other system components. With R12 selling for $500 for a 30 lb cannister and your mechanic hitting you for $100+ to recharge your system, you can't afford to be driving around with a compromised A/C system. The compressor kits below include a high efficiency Japanese rotary compressor, mounting hardware and belts, hose end fittings, a new receiver/dryer bottle, an assortment of nitrile o-rings and an overview of the installation procedure.

Note: the Compressor and mounting kit is available by itself (without receiver/dryer and o-rings) for most 3/5/6/7 applications for $345.00. Installation instructions and overview included. Most A/C microfilters available for $19.00 with purchase of A/C compressor (E36, 5/7 Series 11/90-on and 318ti).


Shop Tools & Supplies

1. Facom tool sets:

The following items are available at special pricing with purchase of any of the above sets:


2. Shop Supplies:


Air Hose & Fittings

Flexeel, by Coilhose Pneumatics, is an inner-braided polyurethane hose which has proven to be an excellent alternative to bulkier rubber and neoprene air hoses. Extremely lightweight and tough, it is ideal for either outdoor contractor use or indoor indsutrial/automotive use. Flexeel is extruded as a single layer braided hose. This integral piece construction eliminates the possibility of having the various layers separate due to continuous expansion/contraction. This hose has a working pressure of 200psi (other polyurethane hoses are limited to 125psi) and the reusable-type end fittings can be easily installed without any special tools for custom lengths from bulk lengths. Color is transparent blue. Available in self storing (coiled) lengths of 15' and 25' or bulk lengths up to 200'.

Prevost (of Switzerland) offers a unique air coupling which makes connection and removal of your air tools much easier than with traditional collar type couplings. Removal is as simple as pushing the button on the side of the coupling. These couplings are highly recommended with our brake reservoir bleeder kits as they're less likely to stress the reservoir when disconnecting the hose. These "single pushbutton" couplings are recommended at the tool end of your hose (use additional couplings for multiple hoses). Prevost also offers a "safety coupling" which has a two stage release. The first push of the button bleeds all of the air from the hose (and attached tool) - normal disconnects can be a bit scary as there is the whip of the hose and the loud rush of air to contend with. Once the air has been safely released, the second push of the button disconnects the hose. These connectors should be installed at your compressor outlet or at each wall drop in your shop. These are especially beneficial at tire mounting machines which run 140-150psi with large CFM reserves. Prevost couplings (and Flexeel hose) are a part of every project I work on, both automotive and light industrial.

My recommendation on air hose and air piping is to maintain as large a flow diameter as possible up to the tool connection. Typically, this means coming out of the compressor into a 3/8" flow safety disconnect, using a 3/8" id air hose with 3/8" end fittings (most automotive air hose has 1/4" fittings), and finally stepping down to 1/4" at the tool end disconnect. Your air tools and accessories should operate more effectively with this setup.


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