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From: Kurt Gibble <>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 17:35:41 -0500 (EST)
Subject: bmw cursors &

Well, it seems when I made the Win95 cursors, it was a bad color day.=20 Sitting on the pit lane at Lime Rock for the CVC school, I noticed that it was unanimous that the Motorsport colors were blue/dark blue/red not blue/magenta/red. So, bmw cursors in the correct colors are now at

On torque wrenches, recently used a clicker and a dial that disagreed by 30%. I figured the newer clicker was the accurate but the machinists all said the dial. Check the calibration easily (at 10% level) by putting the drive end of the wrench in a vise and hanging a weight off of it. Measure the length and weight and well, you know ... =85 If you want 3%, you=92ll w= ant
to measure the torque wrench=92s weight and center-of-mass. Remember at this level it also matters when you use it so calibrate accordingly!=20 Consensus on long-term accuracy was, dial best, then bar, and then clicker because the clicker has moving parts.=20

On WOB, at LRP saw former list member Ron Checca. The page down club got him. Really too bad! The newbies won=92t remember him but, at my first school earlier this year, he climbed in as my instructor and I immediately recognized his name from the digest . This because he used to post a lot of good stuff and I remembered his name even though I'=92m E34 and h'e=92s E30. Glad to see a few posts from Steve B. again (Hi Steve) and Don E (who's now joined the "real" 5's).=20

Had a great day at LRP - my first school where it didn'=92t rain!

Kurt Gibble '=9292 E34 M50

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