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Subject: Re: paint chips - long

I thought I'd answer all the questions about the paint chips in one post. I won't credit the authors for brevity's sake.

> That "thin paint" comment is what shocks me. What happened to the "20 lbs.
> of paint" on these cars? BTW, what is Stone Guard?

Well, that was one man's opinion. I am, however, not in a position to argue with him since my paint seems to be very prone to chipping.

Stone Guard is a product that covers the frontal surfaces of your car. It is a clear plastic sheet, cut to fit, that sticks to the car. Yes, it's stuck on your car. I was reluctant to try this; I worried that the plastic could discolor, or cause the paint underneath to discolor or age at a different rate. The damage on my three month old car is enough that I would now gladly trade those possibilities for an unchipped front end. They have a web site at:

> What colour is your car? I know there was a problem with a particular
> metallic blue

> Maybe we could do a survey of any 'problem' colours.

Calypso Red - from the Munich plant.

> I'll post the dealer's opinion once I finally get it - are you sure your
> problem is just chips Ron? Mine look like small bumps (as if a fine grit
> got in the paint - no primer visible), can only be seen from a few feet
> away.

Hmmm... No, mine are tiny "holes" in the paint that go down to the primer, and only on the front of the car.

> Which shop was this? If they're good and specializes/utilizes in BMW or
> Glasurit, then this would probably be a good place to keep in mind "down
> the road" when the inevitable happens that require some painting. As for
> the stone chips from highway driving, believe it.

TAG Motor Werkes 19326 Woodfield Rd Gaithersburg, MD 20879-4723 Phone: (301)258-0859

Specializing in German luxury makes. The shop was full of Mercedes when I visited. It was highly recommended by Filippo Morelli, the guy on the main digest who organizes the DC area M gatherings. I have not seen any of their work myself.

Final word on my chips is that I do believe they are stone chips, I am a bit disappointed in the paint, the car still looks great from more than 5 feet away, and I still love the little Bimmer!

One more thing...
Dave wrote:

> I assume you have a helmet? While I'm not sure if I'll go out for a
> driver's school yet, I do want to do the Highway Safety School, if I can.
> But first, the car *really* needs a wash/wax... :-)

Yup, have one from my drag racing days with the Mustang! C'mon Dave, spring for the drivers' school! The first day is basic stuff, with the second day moving up to more serious driving. I can't wait!!

As far as waxing the car, that's how I found all those chips, so I doubt I'll want to wax it again any time soon (it is clean and shiny though). --
Ron Katona
88 Mustang LX 5.0
97 BMW 318ti

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