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Subject: Re:Bimmering across the continent

I meant to save your original post but forgot to. I hope this may be of some use.

I have driven across the U.S. about five times since 1972. Sometimes east to west, sometimes the reverse. The most recent time was last year, in a newly purchased 92' BMW525i w/ 50,000 miles on it. I started in S.F. drove Route 1 to L.A., thence took I-15 through Las Vegas to I-70 across Utah and Colorado, I-76 to I-80 across the rest of Colorado and Nebraska. At the far southeastern corner of NE, I cut over to I-29 thence to I-70 and followed I-70 to Maryland and D.C. From North Platte, NE to WDC took me four days exactly. Began driving at about 0700 each day and was off the road by 1800 each evening. No stops except for fuel and food.

Weather. We have so thoroughly screwed up our planet that you simply _cannot_ plan for what is "normal". I have seen snow in Nebraska on Labor Day and I have seen 60 degree days in Nebraska in the middle of January. Go figure. In general I would advise that you take the most southern route you can. The problem with driving in snow is that so many _other_ folks simply can't! I grew up in New England in the 1940's and 1950's, when there was much more snow and ice than there is now and I know how to deal with nasty road conditions. Sadly most other drivers do not. All you need is for some bozo who normally drives in a sunny climate to hit his/her brakes a bit too hard and slide across the highway into your nice BMW to make you wish you had taken the southern route. Want to see the Rockies? Wait until summer. They're not going anywhere.

Once across the Mississippi, you will find many states with a max speed limit of 75mph. When traffic and weather conditions were good, I set my cruise control to about 83mph and never had any run ins with the police. YMMV! It's a fantastic, beautiful country. Enjoy your drive through it.

If you want any other input, pls email me, as I don't read the Digest every day.

        Safe motoring.

"Of the five elements, none is always predominant, Of the four seasons, none lasts forever, Of the days, some are long and some short, And the moon waxes and wanes." - - Sun Tzu

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