Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 11:37:30 EST
Subject: Trailer Hitch

I just ordered one yesterday for my 95 M3

1.00  (dlbmwcl1247258) Class I BMW Specialty $0.00               $0.00
       * Weight: 30.00 lbs each
       * Option: CHOOSE VEHICLE is 1994-99 3 $187.54             $187.54
         Series Convertible (except 318i)                            
         (R) $187.54                                                          

  Total Shipment Weight: 30.00 lbs   Subtotal:                $187.54
      Shipping & Handling:     $17.46
        Total:                   $205.00

I have the Da'Lan hitch also. I've only used it to attach a bike rack, but it would work nicely for a small trailer also.

There is a write-up with pictures of it on my car on Suzy's website at:

Click on the url:

E36M3 Hitch and Bike Rack Install  

to see the write-up.

95 M3

I have the Da'Lan receiver hitch on my '99M3 to haul a small, plastic clamshell trailer for my track supplies.

Very easy to install (with 2 people) .

Got mine from HMS but others sell them like Rockey Mountain.

Carey Probst, '99 M3/2, BMW CCA Patroon and Genesee Valley Chapters Sharked, Stressed, Schrothed, Gauged, Hitched, X-Braced

I have the Da'lan hitch too and it would be great for a small trailer but I still haven't used it because I never bought a trailer. I bought mine from and I was pleased with their service (I ordered it an got it - not much else).


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