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Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 22:58:54 -0500
Subject: <oil filters> Beware of PH8

Matt Brumwell writes about a variety of oil filters that were tested and speaks about the larger and very common PH8 Fram's that will fit on the oil filter threads on many BMW's. The PH8 WILL NOT wlthstand the start up pressure on many BMW's . I have a slightly beefed up oil pressure release spring on my tweaked 2002Ti motor. I have a remote oil filter adapter with braided lines etc. so there is plently of room so I thought of giving a PH8 a try. In the summer I started the motor and watched before my eye as I casing of the PH8 expanded almost to bursting. Bingo, immediate shut down and a trip to the parts store to get a different filter. This could be very messy and dangerous with winter upon us. The high performance Fram HP1 (I believe ) will withstand the pressure. The VW rabbit filter will also work , the diesel PH 3569 is PH8 size and well made. The price advantage disappears as soon as you leave the PH8 family so one would be well advised to just use the OEM ones purchased as smartly as one can from mail order or elsewhere. BMW motors ie M10 deriatives are capable of 75-100 psi on cold oil and will make a BIG mess very fast is the filter blows an o-ring or spilts the can. My personal choice is to never replace the filter, I use a System One cleanable filter. It's a cast aluminum spin-on type construction with a pleated stainless steel filter element of 5 microns filtration capacity. O-rings seal the thing up and I just spin it off, disassemble ( praying that I don't see anything I shouldn't inside, never have thank goodness ) clean it in solvent and put back together. They are available from speed shops. Very cool aluminum ribs and such , good heat sink sitting on the fender well in the direct cool air from where the battery usually is.

Be forewarned and be careful

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