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Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 13:23:25 +0100
Subject: <M50> coil probs +ALLDATA

On Wed 15 Oct Michael Ottati wrote:
>Subject: M50 coil probs
>A while back there was a post about defective coils on 92ish M50

>325's and 525's. I think i remember that bosch coils were good, some


>BREMI; 1 730 756; another number 11 852A; and production 08/92
>anyone know if these were of the problem coils. thanks in advance,
>mike ottati

...and Curt Allen wrote:
>Subject: ALLDATA warning

>I personally have no experience with ALLDATA one way or the other, and
>certainly have no vendetta against them. Thought I'd pass along the

>though. It would be interesting to know the consensus of you who have

>their info.

...and I answer:

I bought the Alldata CD, and found it allright. Not perfect, but a good addition to a repair manual, considering the price.

For instance, the coil stuff is included as a TSB. I copy this from a previous mail:

The defective ones were manufactured until Jan 1991 by 'May und Christ' (but the manufacturers name is not printed on the top; only the word coil ("Zundspule").

The fault was a break on the secondary side (towards the spark plug connector); green corrosion or broken plastic parts indicate the problem.

Fredrik Setterberg
Zurich, 1991 525i

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