From cfuji at Thu Jul 17 23:30:57 1997
From: "Chris" <cfuji at>
To: <>
Subject: m42 Profile gasket
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 23:25:03 -0700

Well, the profile gasket finally went on me at exactly 120,000 km (73,000 miles). Thanks to your site I was able to determine the problem immediately and called local BMW dealers in my area (Vancouver). Anyways the dealer I got the best quote from was Park Shore BMW (North Vancouver BC). They quoted me $400.00 cdn for labour and $119.00 cdn parts. After expecting to spend over a thousand dollars I was suprised. The service man at Park Shore apptly named "Horst" complete with German accent knew the problem, was very upfront about this flaw and it appears they are giving us a break on the cost to anyone who needs this fix.

Total cost for the fix $600.00 cdn....
I presume if exchanged to U.S dollars it would be substantially less. And they had it done in 4.5 hours. Took the car in 8:00 am and it was finished at 12:30 pm. Amazing.....

Anyways thanks for the tip on the Profile gasket, I think it saved me alot of headache knowing what to expect. As for other 318 owners on the West Coast check out Park Shore BMW in Vancouver and remember to speak to Horst, Damn nice guy !!!!.

Chris Fuchihara
1993 318is

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