From digest.v7.n1383 Wed Mar 25 23:54:30 1998
From: AT <>
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 21:48:25 +0000
Subject: banjo bolts


Whoa there!

<<<< Despite the cold and the ale induced hazy vision, I got the parts off, the valves adjusted, tightened the 'banjo bolts' down REAL tight, b>>>>>

be careful HOW tight you put then in there...remember these are REAL SOFT steel with three holes extending radially outward...but hey if you want to have to replace a head gasket while your at it go ahead, hell go all out use an impact gun...these bolts break EASILY...7 ft-lbs should do it...NO MORE!

I'd even recommend getting new ones every time these are tightened in case the steel was stressed too much the last time, never know, and the dollar it costs you sure beats the hell out of pulling the head to go mill the broken bolt stem out. Get new ones and use blue loctite, DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN.

Ask me how I know...luckily the head was already off. BTW I only had the torque wrench set to 12ft-lbs.

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