From digest.v7.n28 Thu Jul 31 17:28:09 1997
From: (Curtis A. Ingraham)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 1997 17:04:36 -0700
Subject: <ALL> Short Shift Kits

In v07.n024 Jeff Lee <> listed short shift kit makers:

> 1) Autothority - its the cheapest, notchiest, and is only an extension
> of the present shift.
> 2) Bavarian Autosport sells one no one has mentioned.
> 3) Korman - I guess people are giving this one a OK, review, not great
> not bad.
> 4) AC Schnitzer - the best and most expensive.

5) Metric Mechanic - A good one for about USD 125. This is the one that Bavarian Autosport sells.

6) Blonde Motorsport - Said to be one of the best. No longer available.

Curt Ingraham
Oakland, CA
'72 2002tii mit MM short shift kit

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