How to advertise on www.unofficialbmw.com

www.unofficialbmw.com Rate Card

Rates are for run of site campaigns.
CPM* $20.00
Minimum purchase of $400.

ESTIMATED Monthly Site Statistics:
250,000 page views
25,000 unique visitors
See Dec98/Jan99 Stats page Also see:

Banner Ad Specifications:
www.unofficialbmw.com currently serves each banner to both the top and bottom navigation areas of each page.
Banners must meet the following specifications:

Dimensions: 468 x 60 pixels
Maximum file size: 30K
File format: GIF
Animation: OK
Delivery: Digital via E-mail
Delivery: ftp to ftp.unofficialbmw.com/Incoming
Browser optimization: MSIE/Navigator 3.0 +
Lead time: 24 hours

Which ad tracking system is used? What are the benefits of this system?

www.unofficialbmw.com uses a product called WebAdverts. Advertisers can view their ad's exposer_at_any time, online. Here is a sample.

Dale Beuning
Please e-mail: dbeuning_at_unofficialbmw.comm

CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, is the marketing world's metric for judging the merits of different media buys. Offline, CPM is calculated by taking the total cost of a given ad buy, dividing it by the total estimated viewership of a given advertisement, and multiplying the total by 1000. Here's an example: You buy a magazine ad for US$5,000. The magazine's subscriber base is 50,000. Therefore, the CPM will be ($5,000/50,000) x 1,000, or $100. On the Web, CPM is a little different. Since it's so difficult to accurately determine the total number of visitors to a Web site, the CPM is calculated using the number of actual ads served. The distinction is subtle, but critically important: in the offline world, marketers simply guess how many times an ad is seen, whereas on the Web, we know.

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