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Used BMW 3325i question

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Joined: 16 May 2011
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PostPosted: Mon May 16, 2011 3:42 pm    Post subject: Used BMW 3325i question Reply with quote

Hi everyone,

I am about to purchase the following car:

My only problem is that the dealer said they could not pull up the service record history since i was not the original owner. Is this possible? Can anyone search the VIN# for me?


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PostPosted: Wed May 18, 2011 5:45 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

i don't want to rain on anyones parade...but i might have to

1st, i would walk..if ANY dealer refused to show me the history...."goodbye"...end of story

2nd..its a 2006...unless im wrong, it has the (horribly infamous) "i-drive" which dropped BMW's customer satisfaction records to an all time low.

3rd...well, its an automatic,

and its 17k...what actual benefit would it be to own the 2006 model over a 2001...
i've seen prices drop below the floor after 7 years, and you will be spending a whole lot in 3 just for the air-bag maintenance...(ten year lifespan).

dollars to donuts, its much more economical to get a 2001-2003 for 7k, and invest 3k into it (if you need to)...they are out there.
ive seen a lot of good deals.

a few things.
i would never want any e36...ever. the e46's have their issues too, but are just newer.
the e30's are worth more than any e36 (in normal conditions of course, rust, etc) and are much more fun to drive.

the e46's are nice, but hydraulic valves...pita...and spendy too. by all means buy whatever car you want, but keep up your homework on it.
as my e30 is quicker than many brand new bmw's. and a fraction of the cost.

albeit, i would like to have a new car every year, (esp a 2011 m3 GT-R) but a solid 89 m5, or a 92 M3 would be the best BMW's i would suggest...but we'll see.
also, i would like to state a favorite quote
"old may not be good, but newer isn't always better" case in point, i would rather not have airbags, than have a fualty one kill me for no reason.

my friend recently broke both thumbs due to his airbag suddenly erupting..for no reason..just driving through a parking lot...and BAM..thumbs out of their sockets. and his airbags were only 5 years old. not trying to scare you, but just don't buy ANY car without full history.

i've heard of some cases where a car can get a "totalled" title re-deamed to "never totalled"...(case of Roberts 7 series, totalled in Oregon, and when he licensed it in WA. it was "ok".. this is a scary fact.

i see you want to know its history, but don't state any facts about this car.

if i were to shop for cars, i would HAVE to know all service records, from oil changes, to type of oil..(synthetic, vs. regular)
look under the oil cap...are the cams golden brown ? ok
are they silver ? (great)
are they black, or coated with black ? (burnt) is the bottom of the oil filler cap coated with black carbon ? (bad bad bad)...

17, a nice chunk of change.
.but for that can get a whole lot of car elsewhere.
not wanting to push you away from BMW, but the clk's are sweet...even a 2003 CLK's are going for less then 10,ooo...and thats a comparable car...and i think the wheels on that 06 are bleh.
solid rotors, i can almost see wear groves in them. (plan for that)

pretty sure the aluminum trim was most rare. (and still sought after). that 06's trim has the walnut..."meh"
75k on odometer...not cool..its too close to its 90k serv call...(plan on 2k minimum for a BMW dealership to do basic maintenance)
the seats are showing wear and cracking on the bottom...

im not seeing headlight cleaners....(2 kinds, the type that fold into the bumper are prone to breaking, and the type that are just jets on teh bumper are the most reliable)...if the hiding kind do break, (and they will) BMW dealerships will fix them for hundreds of dollars, and they could just break again in a week...ive seen my friends 2002 m5 washers break over and over...get the type that are just nozles on the bumper.

and i apologize in advance, but theres nothing about that car that would bring my focus to it....i don't see ANY engine pix, no fog lights, basic model wheels, and they refuse to show you a carfax....

red flag...waving high in the air....don't !

ranting...i know...but just sayin.
good luck...hope that helps a i don't think anyone will be (legally) allowed to do your VIN check on a public forum...(maybe an email or pm though)
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