Subject: Window Tinting
From: conan@vax1.acs.udel.EDU (Robert B Carroll)
Date: 27 Sep 89 16:11:26 GMT

In article <> fs@rex.UUCP (Frank Silbermann) writes: >
>I am considering having the windows tinted.
>How much improvement in comfort is this likely
>to bring (I have a hatchback)?
>If this is worth doing, any advice
>as to choosing a product/dealer?

I got tinting done last spring.
Here are some hints,tips and other info about tinting. *) Make sure you get the correct shade of tinting for the state

you live in. In some states, its against the law to have real dark tinting and your car might not pass inspection. A friend had to have the tinting removed.
*) If i were you, i would get the whole window done as one sheet.

Sometimes they have to use 2 or more pieces because the window is too big(ie. rear window) or because the shape is really curved and this effects how the tinting adheres to the window. *) Tell the 'guy' that you don't want any seams showing. *) If you have a defroster or antennae in the window then tell the

'guy' you want him to cut around it or make the seams line up with lines in the defroster.
*) Make sure your power/roll down windows aren't scratched and nothing

is wrong with the mechanisms in the door, otherwise you may end up with scratched tinting. If this is a new car, use the windows for a couple of months to 'work them in'. *) Try and get a lifetime guarantee in case the tinting bubbles up in spots. *) Make sure they clean the windows before they put it on so bits of

dust particles and the like don't get caught under the tinting. *) After the tinting is done, check for air bubbles, cuts in

weather stripping/gaskets around your window where the 'guy' slipped with the razor when he was trimming the stuff. *) Go to reputable place. I have seen some pretty shitty tint jobs.

Ask to see some example of cars they are doing. *) Ask the 'guy' about caring about washing the tinting.

Have to allow the adhesive to cure so you shouldn't wash or roll down your windows for a certain amount of days. Some brands of tint turn nice pretty colors when you wash them with cleaners containing certain chemicals(ammonia). *) This is just opionion, but don't get the metallic kind

because it acts like a giant mirror that makes the sun shine in other drivers faces.
*) It cuts down head light glare.
*) Cuts down heat/cold coming into/out of the car *) Harder to see inside your car
*) Takes a razor blade to get stuff off *) Cuts down vision(dark stuff really cuts it down).

From: root@blender.UUCP (Herb Peyerl)
Date: 29 Sep 89 13:38:09 GMT

I've done this to my Black Z-24. My first summer with the car (this last summer that just passed) started off pretty hot. So I ran the car over to Ziebart and had the windows done. They did a pretty good job which is evidenced by the fact that a close inspection on the outside of all the windows reveals NO 'little-white-spots'. These little-white-spots are indicative of a window that wasn't cleaned properly or that your tint was not put on in a dust-free environment. (reasonably dust free). The problem with tinting however, is the curvature of your rear window. The Ziebart dealer tells me there are certain cars they refuse to do (the AMC Pacer being one of them. Only intrepid dealers will work on a Ford Probe.). A bad curvature causes the tint to want to fold over and form 'trees' in the curves, so they end up using more pieces, spending more time, and generally reducing their profit. The end job also does not look as nice. On my rear window, they used 4 horizontal pieces separated by the defrost lines so you can't even see the seams.

The law is something you may have to be careful with. Here in Calgary (Alberta, Canada...) the police have a fit if your side windows are too dark. I did my car in two shades. a 51 on the side windows (lets in 51% of the light) and a 36 on the rear and rear-sides. The difference is only noticeable if you have prior knowledge of this yet the police have never hastled me about this as they've done to some of my friends.

The effect of window tinting is a bit of an improvement over having NO tinting whatsoever but it is not a cure. I've found that if I park the front of my car away from the sun, it reduces the amount of sunlight coming into the front window. Having to deal with this as well as being choosy to park away from potential door-dingers makes parking sheer hell. I also, upon discretion, try to leave my sunroof open if possible. (it's a flip-up). This lets the hot-air escape. I've found this to be the most effective in keeping down the heat.

If I had to do it again, I certainly would tint my windows. For the added benefit in cooling the car as well as the privacy you gain, it's definitely worth the $150 you pay. Make sure you go to a good dealer. Have the dealer show you some of their work. I recommend Ziebart as they did a good job on mine.


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