Subject: Used Oil Dumping
From: doug@letni.UUCP (Doug Davis)
Date: 27 Aug 89 05:20:06 GMT

This is in response to a discussion that was going on in a local group. The information includeded in this is most likely of general interest .......

The discussion was about what to do with used oil, besides just dumping it in the back yards that is. Finding a service center that will take your oil is hard enough, especially when you just move into a new area. I wrote a letter to the EPA, asking what they recommend. The response that I got back was that there are numbers that you can call in your state that will be able to give you the name and address of a "registered" dump site local to you.

I suspect these may be just local EPA numbers, that's what the one from Texas was. Even then they were able to give me the name of the place less than a mile from my house.

What follows is the list of numbers. sorted by state..

I hope this list is of help, and again appologies for the large waste of net.bandwidth.

Alabama         205-348-4878
Alaska          907-465-2653
Arizona         602-257-2317
Arkansas        501-371-1370
California      800-553-2962
Colorado        303-331-4830
Connecticut     203-566-4633
Delaware        302-736-5644
D.C.            202-767-8414
Florida         904-488-0300
Georgia         404-656-7802
Hawaii          800-548-6410
idaho           208-334-5879
Illinois        217-782-6762
Indiana         317-232-4537
Iowa            515-281-8499
Kansas          913-296-1609
Kentucky        602-564-6716
Louisiana       504-342-4677
Maine           207-289-2651
Maryland        800-492-9188
Massachusetts   617-292-5848
Michigan        517-373-0540
Minnesota       612-649-5750
Mississippi     601-961-5171
Missouri        314-751-3176
Montana         406-444-2821
Nebraska        402-475-3637
Nevada          702-885-4908
New Hampshire   603-271-2900
New Jersey      609-292-0331
New Mexico      505-827-2924
New York        518-482-4933

North Carolina 919-733-2178
North Dakota 701-224-2366

Ohio            614-644-2956
Oklahoma        405-271-7067
Oregon          503-229-5253

Pennsylvania 717-783-6004
Rhode Island 401-277-3434
South Carolina 803-734-5200
South Dakota 605-773-3329

Tennessee       615-632-7421
Texas           512-463-7761
Utah            801-538-5340
Vermont         802-244-8702
Virginia        804-367-1310
Washingtion     206-459-6356
West Virginia   304-348-8860
Wisconnsin      608-266-5741
Wyoming         307-777-7752

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