Date: Thu, 1 Oct 1998 22:43:42 EDT
Subject: Re: E46 CD Changer

Hi Carl and other Digesters,

I read the information about the CD changer installation and there seems to be some confussion and mis-information. Having installed the BMW 6 disc changer in my 328i E46 with no problems I thought I would list the part numbers, etc..

  1. The location for the CD changer is underneath the center of the rear parcel shelf.
  2. CD Changer 82-11-1-469-404
  3. Installation Kit (the real deal, has clear directions for the E46) 82-11-1-470-416
  4. Power extension cable (required for all cars built before 9/98) 82-11-1-470-427

The only bad thing about the factory designated CD location as it seems to take valuable trunck space. For cars with the optional navigation system the CD changer mounts on the left side of the trunk.

Some drilling is required to enlarge existing holes for mounting, but BMW provides the necessary hardware in their installation kit (not the drill bit which is 11mm).

Hope this helps,