'95 E36 M3 Manuf Date 10/94 - Dale Beuning - dale_at_unofficialbmw.com

First sold on 12/1/94 to a friend of mine

mid-95 - 1.2k - Engine oil/filter changed _at_ Billions BMW, done by Bruce
       Diff fluid changed
       Brake system flushed with ATE Blue

02/02/96 - 2k - I purchased

03/05/96 - 5,467 - Brought to dealer (Chapman BMW) for sunroof rattle and oil changed

3/96 - 5k - I purchased a factory CD Changer from "The BMW Store" in Cincinatti, OH. Piece of cake to install.

3/96 - 5k - It gets very hot here in Phoenix. I had a local place tint the windows. 35% in sides, 20% in rears.

5/96 - 9k - Changed oil, Castrol 20w50 and Mahle factory filter

5/96 - 9k - Fuse for cig lighter

       I trashed leading lip of front spoiler on curb, replaced with BMW parts.
       Engine lower splash guard blew off at high speed, replaced with BMW part

7/16/96 - 11,867 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:

       Warped dash fixed(above center vent)
       Sunroof rattle(again), still rattles
       Drivers seat sqeak(parts are on order)
       Timing chain tensioner upgraded(parts are on order)
       Change Diff lube/engine oil/ balance tires
       Replaced cracked foglight lenses, at my cost $83 EACH!! ouch
       Sticks slightly in 3rd gear sometimes, fixed very nicely.
       Oil change done at dealer
       Tires balanced for $75!!! ouch

7/31/96 - 12,258 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:

       Ticking noise from engine when hot
         - replaced VANOS unit and timing chain tensioner
       Complained of sunroof rattle again
       Complained of seat rattle
       Replaced drivers door ///M3 emblem

10/31/96 - 15,704 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:

       Sunroof rattle
       Passenger door squeaks
       Rattle from both seats, replaced seat operating units
       First complaint of engine noise on startup
       Oil service done
11/11/96 - 15,964 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:
       Sunroof rattle
       Drivers door hard to close
       Adjust drivers door window
11/96 - 16k - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:
       When starting the engine cold first thing in the morning, I'd get
       a Very loud clatter from the engine.  I thought it might be the piston
       slap problem that Al Jenab(sp?) had.  The dealer said "yep something
       is wrong, lets have the local area BMW NA Rep look at it."
       I'm sitting here waiting for them to call me back, and they never do.
1/97 - 16k - Installed new amplifier/front speakers/sub woofer. Click here for more details.

2/97 - 16k - Installed factory sheepskin seat covers. I get lots of favorable comments on these.

3/97? - 18k? - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:

       Turns out my service advisor got transfered to a different store,
       and my visit got dropped through the cracks.
       So the new advisor sets up the appointment, the tech and the Rep 
       spend all day on my car, finally determine it's several bad lifters.
       Once they were replaced, I still get the normal 2 seconds of tick
       from the lifters, but the 5 minutes of CLACK is gone!
3/97 - 18k - Changed oil, Castrol 20w50 and Mahle factory filter

3/97? - 18k? - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:

       While the tech had my engine torn apart, he managed to put a nice gouge 
       (OK, a scratch), in my passenger side front fender.  The dealer 
       paid to the scratch buffed out, their guy did a great job, and they
       did a full detail as well.
       This time I'm in for the dash warp.  The original fix to the center vent
       never worked worth a darn.  And while they were fixing that, the
       tech installed the radio wrong, he didn't push the deck the last 1/4"
       of the way into the dash, so when he cranked down on the side screws,
       it pushed out on the hard plastic substructure of the dash.
       After a month or so, it was permanently warped.  They tore my
       dash totally apart to fix it this time.  And they also fixed
       the gap in the center vent so it looks right finally!
       They replaced the entire substructure of the dash to fix this 
       and it looks perfect.
7/97 - 21k - Changed oil, Mobil 1 15w50 and Mahle factory filter

8/1/97 - 22,599 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:

       I'm getting a strong acidic smell and a fuel smell after
       driving the car.
       Also, I think the catalytic converter is bad as the car is spewing
       something out the back that is eating the paint on my trunk and 
       rear bumper!
       They find that there is a leak from the fuel tank at the sender
       and the hoses near the fuel tank are bad.  They said this is a common
       problem on '95 M3's.  OK, today the day after this fix, the fuel
       smell has not reoccured after driving around for a while, but
       I'm not driving nearly as hard as I do when I'm on the highway.
       AZ has 75mph limit and traffic flows at 80+mph.  So the verdict
       is still out on this fix.
       I filled up with gas tonight, the fuel guage and the fuel amount
       data sent to the OBC is not working.  I think they messed up the
       fuel level sending unit, or forgot to hook up a wire!
       Engine lower splash guard blew off at high speed, have not replaced yet.
8/2/97 - 22,643 - working on the car day
       - adjusted gain controls on amps to compensate for new line level 
         converters.  last week I installed these to finally fix the alternator
         whine that I've had since I installed the stereo
       - added polyfill to area behind front mid-woofers, NO MORE RESONANCE!!
         What a cheap fix, I pulled the polyfill out of a trashed cushion
         and stuffed it behind the speakers, the bass is so much tighter!
       - changed microfilter, 1hr, what a pain!!  next time, 20min for sure
       - changed airfilter, installed new Mahle.  Slick airbox, very cool!
         took 2 minutes to change!
       - lubed hood/door/trunk hinges
       - filled windshield washer resovoir with fluid
8/5/97 - 22,863 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for:
       1) It turns out leaving the key in the ignition and turned on,
          while filling the car with fuel, will confuse your fuel guage.
          To fix, pull Fuse 21 for 10 seconds, then reinstall.
       2) Drivers door is harder to open and close then the passengers
          door.  They adjusted striker, lubed hinges.  It works better,
	  still not as good as passenger side.
       3) Drivers side floormat, purchased new with car, so under factory
          warrenty, is worn out prematurly.  They inspected, agreed
	  it is worn out prematurly, and a new one is on order.
       4) Sunroof still rattles when in the tilted up position.
          This time the fix works!  I hope it lasts.
       5) Service I done.
10/10/97 - 23,544 - Brought to dealer (Camelback BMW) for drivers school prep:
       battery acid eating paint on rear of car
       Inspection I
       brake fluid flush
       coolant system flush
11/97 - 24k - Time for new tires/rims!
       - I bought a set of BMW 5-spoke LTW rims with Yok RS032s on them
       - Had the local Discount Tire store swap my MXX3's onto the LTW
         rims, and the Yoks onto the stock 10spoke rims.
       - Ordered Gorilla locks for the wheels.
1/98 - 25K - Flushed brake fluid, used ATE Gold in preperation for Roadrunner drivers school

       - The rear Gorilla wheel locks SNAPPED!!! at some point.  
         Avoid Gorilla wheel locks.
         My friend got the stubs of the locks out while I worked on
         something else, then I reinstalled the nice BavAuto locks.
3/5/98 - 26,xxx - Brought to dealer (Chapman BMW, Scottsdale AZ) for:
       - The paint on the rear of the car has been damaged since at least 9/96
         from acid overflow of the battery.  Chapman BMW replaced
         all the emblems, and painted the rear of the car.  Looks
         like new again!!  They also installed a new battery and vent tube.
8/16/98 - 28,400 - Shifterfest Seattle I
       - Installed M Roadster short shifter and new nylon cup
       - Installed LTW X-Brace, my 10/94 production had the inserts!
       - Changed trans fluid to Redline ATF D4 - Thanks Dan B.!
       - Changed diff fluid to Redline 75w90
8/30/98 - 28,569 - Changed oil, Mobil 1 15w50 and Mahle factory filter

11/1/98 - 29,565k - brought to BMW Seattle

       - fixed sunroof rattle
       - adjusted drivers door window height
       - replaced both rear seals on L&R rear windows
       - replaced radiator cap (open campaign 17-01-98)
       - replaced door lock actuator 67-11-1-387-726
       - replaced drivers window sliders 51-32-1-938-884
12/27/98 - 31k - rearended at a stoplight, brought to Metro Auto Rebuild in Seattle
       - repaired rear end collision damage
       - repainted from the door back
       - they did a fantastic job, it looks better then new