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RE: <E34> 1992 525i, Inner door panels


This is a common summer problem in E34s that are a few years old.  I have a
1991 model doing the same thing.  The vinyl is pulling away from the door
panel due to the heat of summer.  Depending on the extent of the damage it can
be repaired.  Easiest solution is to take it to an auto upholsterer. Some
owners have repaired the panels themselves using a two-part vinyl epoxy. 
First remove the padded piece attached to the panel.  Now working on the panel
with the separating vinyl, warm the vinyl with a hair dryer to make it soft
and stretchable.  Then make a small slit in the vinyl, where it will be
covered by the padded piece you removed.  Using the epoxy attach the vinyl
smoothly to the door panel.  This is the skill part of the task, which is why
many go to the upholstery experts.  Follow the epoxy directions.  When dry and
stable, reattach the padded piece.

If you are lucky enough to still be under the extended warranty, the dealer
may fix it.  My extended warranty was with Warranty Gold, and they wouldn't
fix it.

L. Dwayne Johnson
'91 525i

>The car in question is a manual 1992 E34 525i with the M50 engine.  (7/91
>production date).
>The inner door panels of both rear doors have become delaminated from the
>door panel (as far as I can tell).  This might be due to heat or whatever,
>but looks absolutely terrible.  The driver's door is starting to show 
>signs of this as well.  Has anyone experienced or heard of this
>before and if so what can be done about it?  What do dealers typically do
>about it?  I have looked into purchasing entirely new inner door panels,
>but as you can imagine that would run rather expensive.  Thanks.