From: "Steve D'Gerolamo" 
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 1996  
Subject: Updates to Club Tool Box

Professional Tools for the Home Mechanic

The club's tool box is about 10 years behind the times...the tools
I've been selling the most to shops, BMW digest members and even some of the
local BMW dealerships are as follows:

Thrust arm bushing change the thrust arm (upper control arm)
bushing on E23/E24/E28/E31/E32/E34 models. The tool I use allows you to
change the bushing on the car. I also have the separator tool to take the
arm off the car (I've seen shops without the tool beat the thrust arms so
hard with a hammer that the fog lights fell out of the front valence...on a
Rear subframe bushing change the rear subframe bushings/mounts on
E30/E28/E24/E36/E32/E34/E23/E31 models. With these tools, a 6-7 hour job
can be done in 20 minutes per side.

Reset Tools.....for SRS, Inspection, DME fault code reset, EML, electronic
transmissions, etc. Also allows for component activation of injectors,
purge valves, etc for test purposes. There are 3 tools (made by Programma)
which will do all of the above on all of the 87 and later models.

Ball joint tool for E36's...most shops and owners don't know that the ball
joint is changeable on the E36 model (BMW sells the part for under $20.00)
and they wind up buying complete new control arms when the joint goes bad.
This tool allows changing of the ball joint with the control arm on the car
in about 10 minutes per side.

Control arm bushing R&R the slide on bushings on all E30
models. For people that don't have a press and the proper size plates at
home to do this job.

Camshaft & flywheel lock tool...essential for any disassembly on the twin
cam M42/M44/M50 engines. The tool locks the camshafts in place up top 
while a flywheel lock keeps the crankshaft from turning. A must for profile & 
head gasket replacements. Without this, camshaft timing is lost and must be 
reset manually, not an easy job.

Fan clutch tools...long thinwall 32mm open end wrench and a fan hub locking
tool make R&R a cinch.

Front and rear wheel bearing tools...set of 3/4 drive (30, 36 & 46mm)
sockets and 3/4 breaker bar and the proper press and installation tools to
do the job on all late models (E30/E28/etc).

There are plenty of other specialty items (m3 spark plug sockets, oxygen
sensor sockets, headlight switch escutcheon tools, brake bleeders, etc) but
the above should be enough for now. I have all the tools available for
evaluation...maybe we can try some out at the next tech session. 

SD Steve D'Gerolamo c/o The Ultimate Garage, Emerson, NJ (201-262-0412)