From digest.v7.n734 Tue Dec 9 14:07:03 1997 From: "Rob Levinson" Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:51:47 -0500 Subject: Re: B&B Exhaust sounds (and remedying other loud cars) **Rob Dave Quinn (and Jeff Lee) wrote: >Subject: B&B Exhaust sounds > >To all who me asked to forward them suggestions I got for reducing the >loudness of the exhaust in the interior of the car, most suggestions >referred to padding the trunk from the article in Roundel. > >snip..... > >I had the same problem after spending more than $700 for a B&B exhaust. >The solution I found was to stuff two stainless steel sponges into each >of the exhaust outlets _______________________________ I have used and reccomend a product called "DynaMat", designed to improve car audio performance by absorbing road noise. It's an asphalt-based film, (depending on which strength) approximately 1-3mm thick. It's sticky on one side and requires attachment directly to sheetmetal. In your trunk this is easy - pull up the carpet, stick and hit with hair dryer. Inside the car is obviously a little more difficult - carpet, seats, door panels. It *IS* heavy stuff - you M3 LTW guys would want to avoid using it. The benefits are unbelievable (if used correctly)... all other things being equal, after driving a car with DynaMat, the same car without will sound like the windows are open. I used this stuff in my last (of three) RX-7 Turbo . Running a straight-through racing exhaust (open mufflers, no cats, header pipe) this car was *loud*... truly, Hell hath no fury like a turbo rotary uncorked! It was livable for short hops (and smoky burnouts and 145-mph runs...) but a 100-mile commute forced me to decide; I could either 1) ditch the trick parts, 2) give up my hearing, or 3) use Dynamat. Dynamat won, and I was thrilled with the car. After replacing the cats in order to sell it, the car was quieter (inside) than a stocker. Dynamat should be available through high-end or custom car audio shops, Crutchfield carries it, but the best deal might be from any mail-order place advertsing in "Car Audio" magazine. Depending on which grade you use and how big your car (Z3 or 750iL...) it might cost you $150-$250 and a day spent stripping out your BMW. - - Rob Levinson '85 535i Turbo -> "Interesting BMWs" web site ->